Thursday, 20 September 2007

Pixie's posers

Over at the blog of the same name, Prada Pixie posed some questions. I've answered them.



1. What is your all time favourite book, from childhood, as an adult?
The BFG. I don't think I have an all-time favourite adult book. I think I lost the ability to form opinions when I came into prolonged contact with civil servants.

2. All time favourite movie as above?
All movies were terrifying as a child (the cinema was dark and contained odd people), and now, well, I don't know. Amelie was sweet.

3. Favourite type of chocolate, and how much of it do you eat a week?
Green & Black's Maya Gold. Maybe a bar every other month.

4. Favourite drink, non alcoholic and alcoholic?
Tea. Beer.

5. Where is your all time best holiday destination?
The inner reaches of my imagination. I go there many times a day during my micro-holidays. So much more fun than being holed up in an office, and so much quicker to get to than anywhere requiring a visit to Heathrow....

6. Where is your dream holiday destination?
I quite fancy crossing the Atlantic by Tall Ship. That's not really a destination, though, is it? I'll conveniently ignore that and hope no-one noticed... Oops, did I say that out loud??

7. Which is the best Beatles track of all time?
I am the Nerd God Walrus. Evidently.

8. What are you most proud of having achieved (having children doesn't count)
Winning Blades in Eights with lots of my family around for the celebrations.

9. What would you want for your last supper ever?(assuming it's food you like now and not liquidized mush when you are 90!)
Lamb stew like my mum and her mum (and probably every female ancestor) make/made it.

10.How old were you when you had your first snog, name of snoggee if you dare?
5. Ben Fenwick.

11.Do you have an unfulfilled ambition?
Yes. More than one.

12.If so what is it?
Well, probably the most pressing one is to get more leisure time.

13.What yer gonna do about achieving it?
Retire. But not for a while.

14.Describe the outfit that best describes you as you are.
No outfit. Really. Bare skin, all the way.

15.If you were on Desert Island Discs which one piece of music would you want to keep?
Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. The essential melancholy to my sanguinity.

16. And what would the luxury item be, as in no use at all, on a desert island?
My violin together with all its accompanying gubbins and violin-friendly conditions.

17. Outside of your partner, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Beyonce Knowles, J-lo who do you fantasise about?
Hmm. Sir Thomas More was a bit of a hero, but rather difficult to fantasise about due to separation of head from body and five hundred years removal.... Oh, OK. A tall, dark handsome gentleman who I refuse to name.

18.Describe the contents of your purse/wallet, i.e. receipts/ bus tickets/ plastic you never use/ and if you're lucky enough money. (English use of the word purse here).
Library cards for my alma mater, a photocopier card for the Radcliffe Science Library, a credit card, debit card, driver's licence, ye olde donor card, half-used book of postage stamps, four days of expenses receipts, list of telephone extensions for my colleagues, probably a few reward cards, some coins, etc.

19.Outside of the family what item would you save from the inferno?
Are housemates items? I'd probably save them. One over each shoulder. They can't weigh that much... Assuming they managed to get themselves out, I'd take my fiddle.

20.How much would you like me to stop now?
This much.


Pixie said...

I hope you had the requisite amount of beer before you answered these!
So strong minded on the choc I'm impressed.

DJ Kirkby said...

lololololololol! I MUST get my post with my answers done, maybe enxt week...Did you see Kahless is a nerd god too, yikes...well at least that means you dont have to do god work full time, you can be a modern god and job share.

But Why? said...

Thanks for the questions - I much enjoyed answering. I did manage to polish off a whole (large) bar of Maya Gold yesterday with the help of some colleagues, but I'm a mere amateur when it comes to chocolate consumption.

It is good to know of others that one can share the godly burden with. And also good to know that I am not alone in my status of deity. I have just popped over to see Kahless this morning to examine ways in which we might prevent unnecessary bloodshed between our respective followers.

Kahless said...

As a fellow Nerd God and essex girl, I must bow to your supreme 100% score - I am in awe!

Maybe we should let our followers shed blood amongst themselves to stop them bothering us!

But Why? said...

Hi and welcome over. I'm sure I'm not all that nerdy.

I think you may be onto something there with allowing our respective followers to slug it out over rivers of blood - I suppose it could even be a form of entertainment for us, a bit like gladiatorial combat in the olden days...

And I'm sure you're quite right on the matter of keeping the followers busy - though I must admit I haven't yet been innundated with requests to answer prayers. I guess I just don't figure too high in the deity stakes. Come to think of it, perhaps I should throw in the towel of deitiness and join your merry band of troops...?

KindaBlue said...

"The Lord appeared in a pillar of cloud and couldn't see a thing: 'If thy brother's sheep go astray, bring them back to thy brother; the rate for finding sheep is three shekels an hour. The same applieth to thine brother's ass; thou must not be cruel and kick his ass. Thou shalt not plough with an ox and ass together because they go sideways... Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and leather together.'

'This will kill the trade,' said the Israelites."

[I do hope live sacrifices won't be involved...]

DJ Kirkby said...

Look, I realise you two Gawds are bored, so I did a post answereing Px's questions for your entertainment. No could you see to it that I win enough on the lottery that I can quit work and write full time please? I said please!

But Why? said...

No live sacrifices involved. Incidentally, live sacrifices did figure in a work-related dream I had the other day, but it was my head which rested uneasily on the block and I have since survived the infamous "Scapegoat Tuesday" to which it pertained. I thought about blogging that dream but the parallels to the current situation were so strong that it would probably have breached some legislation if I had related the tale.

Thankyou for the entertainment. I shall do my best for you re: the lottery. In fact, I would cross my fingers if I thought it would help.


trousers said...

"5. Where is your all time best holiday destination?
The inner reaches of my imagination. I go there many times a day during my micro-holidays...."

I frequently feel the same.

But Why? said...

Hi Trousers,
I suspect it's the best possible kind of holiday - cheap, flexible and with a very small carbon footprint. The only problem is I sometimes don't want to leave...