Sunday, 17 May 2009

On the move

I'm moving west.

Having got a month's notice from my landlord a couple of weeks ago, I've been flat-hunting with my lovely fella, N. We think we've found a place a bit further west along the river.

I rather like the process of moving. I like the bit where you are forced to consider every possession and answer the question: Do I need this? Is it worth hauling to the next home and storing there on the off-chance I might need it? Should I stick it on eBay, or send it to the local charity shop? Should it go in the bin?

I've not found a lot of stuff to chuck. This is either a sign that I'm particularly rubbish at getting rid of stuff, or a sign that after so many moves, I've now got rid of so much stuff that I have very little unnecessary stuff. I suspect it's not the latter.