Sunday, 17 May 2009

On the move

I'm moving west.

Having got a month's notice from my landlord a couple of weeks ago, I've been flat-hunting with my lovely fella, N. We think we've found a place a bit further west along the river.

I rather like the process of moving. I like the bit where you are forced to consider every possession and answer the question: Do I need this? Is it worth hauling to the next home and storing there on the off-chance I might need it? Should I stick it on eBay, or send it to the local charity shop? Should it go in the bin?

I've not found a lot of stuff to chuck. This is either a sign that I'm particularly rubbish at getting rid of stuff, or a sign that after so many moves, I've now got rid of so much stuff that I have very little unnecessary stuff. I suspect it's not the latter.


DJ Kirkby said...

Happy home hunting :)

Rob Clack said...

Some decades ago, Jenny and I managed (just!) to buy somewhere quite a bit bigger than we really needed. Curiously, it's now full!

Hope you find somewhere perfect!

Kahless said...

How you doing?

But Why? said...

Thanks, and apologies with the delays in returning a comment. Two weekends of home-hunting, a couple of weekends of packing and a monh or so of unpacking later, we're now moved and more or less settled, but still awaiting the arrival of a bed and exchanging rather angry telephone calls with the retail outlet who somewhat underestimated the lead time on our new bed. I still have my sense of humour intact (I think...)

Rob C
Isn't it odd how possessions expand to fill the space allocated to them? I'm hoping we'll keep our amount of stuff to the minimum, incase our next place isn't quite so accommodating.

Not bad, thanks. Generally in one piece and spending less time in Swindon than I was (which is good) and just about managing to get a day a week working from home (which is exellent, particularly for all those London-based things like GP and O/P apps which are rather inconvenient to get to from Swindon). I hesitate to suggest this, but I might even get back into the blogging habit now the dust has settled following moving and I get bits of my evenings back again. (N's threatening to use that time to get me cycling - I've managed to resist so far, but can feel my resolve weakening - it strikes me as being an excellent geek sport...)

Anonymous said...

please post more!!! life sucks for me right now and you are a light in the melee of it all....thanks for a good laugh!

But Why? said...

I've been well-intentionedly attempting to post for a while and not quite getting round to hitting that 'publish' button - thanks for the nudge.