Monday, 3 September 2007

Pick and Mix

The people who've made my day (some for the better others for the worse. All the more remarkable):

  1. The Bearded Lady Of Guildford (BLOG), who appears to have taken up residence at the train station. I wish I was in less of a hurry in the mornings, and instead had enough time to engage in conversation. I'm sure it'd be enlightening.
  2. The guy with a tattoo of something which looked like it was supposed to be the Magna Carta on the inside of his right forearm, who I sat next to on the train to Clapham Junction. So many questions I'd like to ask him: Why that? Why there? and Do they have deodorant on your planet?
  3. The cop who was silent with deafening levels of anger throughout this morning's 'Lessons Learned' meeting.
  4. The colleague who praised me for keeping my cool on the rather crazy day that was last Thursday. This is the same colleague with whom I regularly get absorbed in conversations, get into lifts, and between us forget to press the button for the ground/20th floor. We usually discover our folly after maybe half a minute when someone gets in on the same floor we think we left some moments ago. She puts the mishap down to having had a 'senior moment'. I usually blame the oversight on the generationally-neutral 'being away on a micro-holiday'. We managed that twice today...
  5. The guy who pushed me out of the way to get a seat on the Guildford train, only to endure thirty minutes of my noticing his immense and unrivalled levels of dandruff. It was a truly spectacular collection (or is there a more accurate collective noun for dandruff flakes - a blizzard, perhaps? or maybe a drift?) of flakes. Most remarkable, but not exactly eye-candy. Far from it.
  6. The well-spoken hoodie with a pleasant accent and clear enunciation who very politely asked me for directions to the main High Street in Guildford. My pleasure, young man.
  7. The friend who is hearteningly, ludicrously, entertainingly, ridiculously, stereotypically and rather endearingly in love. Awwwwwww...

I love people. They're such fun and fascinating things.


KindaBlue said...

It only goes to show: never judge a hoodie by his cover.

Sometimes I wish that everyone I come into contact with were sensible, orderly, reliable and predictable. Then I realise that, if that were the case, life would be no fun at all.

DJ Kirkby said...

No 4- lol, that was you in the lift with me?

trousers said...

That hoodie - he's not in politics is he? But that point was the one that stood out for some reason in a very entertaining piece of writing

But Why? said...

Precisely. It's the irrational, spontaneous, violent mavericks who make this life what it is.

have you been having micro-holidays too? Or do you feel you qualify for the privilege of taking a senior moment now and again??

The hoodie didn't appear to canvassing, so I think he's probably not standing for election. I didn't recognise him... He may even be too young to stand for election. But regardless of his politics, I'd be pleased to hear that lovely accent on the radio...

But xx

KindaBlue said...

Mind you, having said all that, I could do with fewer maniacs around when I'm playing poker...

Pixie said...

My very own personal hoodie wearer is like that, that is when he's not loosing his temper and effing and blinding everywhere.
Lovely post
I think you must be a great friend to have.

But Why? said...

Maniacs? Poker? I don't understand. I think I need a fuller description...

Is this Youngest Son And Heir? Is there any possibility he was wandering around Guildford on Monday? If not, I wonder how many more charming young things are out there on our streets brandishing cut glass vowels and aggressive clothing...?