Thursday, 11 October 2007


Trousers has for some time been Bloggen ein totes Pferd. I hadn't fully appreciated the depths of blogging despair which the gentle Trousers had seen fit to plumb, until he used valuable space on his equine-scented blog to present me with an award. I am now officially a maker of smiles. Fancy that: me - a jack-of-all-trades public sector parasite consultant, making people smile. Well, I never! I'm pleased to be able to make someone, somewhere smile.

It seems that it is obligatory to make a speech, so mine is below. Please note that to fulfil the conditions of the award, I am wearing a posh frock as I write, on stage and blubbing uncontrollably.

OK, so I've cheated a bit. Instead of delivering a speech of flowing prose, I thought I'd make a list. Hence, I present all the things which I can recall have made me smile today:
  1. The scent of the lillies on the air when I got up this morning;
  2. The cobwebs heavy with raindrops which spanned the railings alongside the footpath to the station;
  3. The near perfect timing of the walk to the station to have just sufficient time to buy a ticket and jog to the platform before the train arrived;
  4. The wonderful turns of phrase in the book I'm currently reading;
  5. The scones in the canteen being warm and making an excellent and tasty substitute breakfast;
  6. My opinion seriously counting at work;
  7. The fantastically terrible pink tie sported by a colleague;
  8. Having an idea which was valued by the same colleague (for whom I have a great deal of professional respect);
  9. My opinion counting again at work (twice in one day - this is a record for this programme);
  10. Arriving home to find a meal ready and waiting;
  11. This post.

So, no prizes for guessing that the prize for making me smile goes to Casdok.


P.S. Discovery of the day: Stray appeared to be trying to excavate her ear, complaining of a painful pimple located deep inside the vessel. Having previously suffered a similar affliction myself, I was of course full of sympathy, and helpfully suggested that cutting the ear off would probably be the most effective way of relieving the pain. Could this be the reason for Van Gogh's self-amputation?


Casdok said...

Oh wow! I am speachless!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Casdok said...

Just noticed i dont live far from you!
In fact i am going through your town today, so look out for me, im the one with the ears!!

But Why? said...

The one with the ears...? Is there anything in particular I should notice about your ears?? And you are welcome - thanks for making me smile!


Pixie said...

Well deserved but, you always make me smile too.

Ears.... and you .... is there something going on here, have you swopped trains for them???

But Why? said...

BFG references abound in this comment.


I'm not sure I understand. How would I commute to work in an ear? I know Sophie sat in the BFG's ears as he galloped around Giant Land, but I'm not convinced that would make a convincing model for an effective urban transportation technology of the future. For one thing, how could we increase the supply of giants in the timescales required to bring zero-carbon giant-assisted transportation to the capital?

I would advise strongly against the case for swapping trains for ears. It is an unproven technology and a high-risk strategy, though pretty good for green credentials, assuming that the partial pressure of methane in the giants' whizzpoppers is low... xx

DJ Kirkby said...

But Why, enlarge casdok's pic for further enlightenment on the ear issue! Unless you have already doen this and are joking with fact you probably have and are...sorry.I like what you did with this post, what an original way to react to the award.

But Why? said...

dj, casdok
I had completely missed the ears. What sort of observational scientist am I? I shall now go and practise making careful observations until my eyes go funny and I can no longer see. On second thoughts, that might not help...