Saturday, 6 October 2007

All the lovely gifts...

After writing off my car last weekend, I have received:

  • One week off work;
  • A tub of Extremely Chocolatey mini chocolate roll things;
  • A box of Fair Trade filter coffee things;
  • Two tins of posh soup;
  • Some rather nice and posh toffee chocolate biscuits;
  • Two boxes of oaty, fruity things masquerading as biscuits;
  • A box of chocolates;
  • A free lunch;
  • Lots of lovely hugs and kisses;
  • Loads of offers of "Anything I can do...";
  • A beautiful bouquet of lilies.

And they're hugely, hugely appreciated.


trousers said...

I see I'm not the only one posting pretty colours!

But Why? said...


Casdok said...

Wow! Didnt you do well!

But Why? said...

Aye, I did pretty well on the gift front, but not so well on keeping myself and other people safe on the roads :( Thankfully no lasting harm's been done, and no doubt someone somewhere is making money out of the incident!

DJ Kirkby said...

You deserve every single gift! I forgot tto ask on the last post but why do you not have any heating?

But Why? said...

I live in a very bizarre house. It does have heating, sort of. Well, one room has heating which works, but it's The Octagon and is home-office/guest room and permanently guested.

The rest of the house suffers from underfloor heating, which I am led to believe either doesn't work in some rooms, works too well in others (melting the tasteful lino...) or takes forever to permeate the floor coverings. Meanwhile, we have single glazing (brrrrrr....).

We do have a wood burning stove, which is ace. The other weapons in the battle against the cold are a large number of hot water bottles and many small sacks of microwaveable wheat. Oh, and of course, a wide range of tasteful thermal clothing and thick, fluffy duvets.

I'm moving shortly, hopefully before the worst of the winter weather kicks in. Effective heating and insultation figure rather highly on my list of requirements for the new place! xx

Rach said...

Sorry about your car, hope you're ok. What a great list of pressies, enjoy them all!

But Why? said...

Thanks. I keep seeing cars similar to the one I mashed up and feeling pangs of nostaligia. It's rather sad. But I am unbelievably excited about the power steering thing. And central locking - so much fun...!