Thursday, 8 November 2007

Rambling without moving

Following Pixie's example, I took the opportunity to ramble my ego through the alphabet.

Absolutes: The older I get, the fewer of these there seem to be.
Bacon Butty: Manna from heaven?
Caroline: The boat I won blades in. She was beautiful. So smooth and sleek. She's probably now being used by novices and being crashed into the bank with alarming regularity but, when I knew her, she was divine.
Difference: A quality I find intriguing.
Evolution: I think I subscribe to this, but the emotion of despair I find rather confusing to fit into the grand scheme of things.
Fluid: How I describe the political environment at work.
Goat: Animals which never fail to make me smile. I mean, how unlikely are they?
Hanoi: Could be my favourite city, if I have such a thing.
Iridescence: Beauty by diffraction.
Jam: Tomorrow. Have patience and enjoy the journey.
Knees: Things with many scars. After my college medical, the nurse glanced down at them. She said, "Them's ugly knees, ent they??" I had to agree.
Lamb: Favourite thing to stew.
Minefield: Bad place to work in.
No: I do not wish to register my Oyster card. I would not like my picture touching in and out of every journey to be matched to my name, address and credit card details.
Osteoporosis: Something I would very much like to avoid.
Praseodymium: A fantastic name for an element. Or a cat, come to think of it.
Quarry: What I lived in until recently.
River: What I now live by. What passes for "open space". Where sport should be conducted.
Superb: I say this a lot.
Travel: Something I want to do more of.
University: The home of seven wonderful years.
Verily: A much under-used word.
Water: Still the most fascinating substance I've ever encountered.
Xenon: A good shoot 'em up game. And a noble gas.
Yellow: The colour of my all-time favourite bit of cycling kit, which makes me look a bit like a giant daffodil. It is very cheery and I do rather love it.
Zebra: Something they have hanging on the wall at a restaurant I ate in last week. I think it is also on the menu. I had the antelope instead.

This has been a thoroughly pointless and most enjoyable exercise which I heartily commend to you all.


Casdok said...

Yes pointless but interesting!
And yes would love to do a London thing!!

KindaBlue said...

Never got the hang of Xenon myself - the game or the gas.

But Why? said...

Thanks, and ace. Feel free to drop me a note (email address is on my profile). I've hunted for yours but have failed to turn up trumps (or your email address, for that matter). xx

But Why? said...

Aye. Fancy it forming compounds?! It's a sly one, that Xenon....

Pixie said...

I once took a goat, a real live goat for a packet of peanuts in my then local in Cambridge. They are just wonderful creatures.

But Why? said...

They are very lovely creatures, and I would love a pet goat. I don't think it's necessarily considered de rigeur to keep one in the Big Smoke. I wouldn't mind a llama or alpaca, either, something with long legs and an inquizitive nature. They taste good, too.

Was it your goat you took for a pack of dry roasted? Had it done anything to deserve a special treat? I sense there is a story here...