Thursday, 1 November 2007

Is it possible... miss commuting?

A couple of days ago, I wouldn't have thought so, yet today I found myself questioning whether I'll still be churning through books after I no longer spend hours every day commuting.

I was also most tickled by the guard on the train back from Wimbledon this evening, who took it upon himself to request politely "Would passengers please stay awake at all times during your journeys, as having to get a taxi at this time of night is very costly. Again, would all passengers please endeavour to remain awake at all times. Thankyou."

Bless 'im.


DJ Kirkby said...

Lol, what a thoughtful guard.

Casdok said...

I get a lot of reading done on trains, its me time, so yes i would miss it.

KindaBlue said...

Aye, the lack of reading time might be a trade-off, but think of all of those other life-enhancing things you'll now have more time for.

Like rowing.

And sleeping.

I'm sure there are a few others, too!

But Why? said...

I only wish all guards were as thoughtful and customer-focused.

I think I'll miss the reading, but not the environment in which I've been doing it(!) Perhaps I'll have to ringfence some of the newly-found leisure time to spend reading.

You managed to pick the top two leisure time usage priorities. You appear to have been paying attention... you're not a stalker, now, are you??

Right, time I was moving... Hugs, all xx

trousers said...

I presume you're in the process of moving as I write (I mean moving house, not just moving full-stop).

Such thoughts about commuting will soon fade, I'm sure: but yes make sure you use the increase in your leisure time wisely!

Pixie said...

yeah but you'll get home earlier and can get comfy on your sofa and read without someone breathing down your neck , unless you choose for them to be there!!!!

KindaBlue said...

I always pay attention. Ever alert; the country needs more lerts, after all.

The binoculars are purely for scientific purposes, you understand.

But Why? said...

I have moved. I now live in London. It's very bizarre. (Well, OK, it's not that bizarre, a lot of people live in London and don't see anything bizarre about it. I just never imagined I'd be living here and be pleased about it!) Looking forward to all that leisure time I'll have tomorrow. I think I might use it to unpack...

True. It's rather cosy here, too. It has heating. And carpet. And a shower that issues forth real water. But somehow, I'm think I'm going to miss the old place. I'm already wondering whether I'll cope with all this heating...

Should I worry more for you or for myself??