Sunday, 5 August 2007

Those who blog, I salute you.

A theatre. Me on stage in a posh frock having scrubbed up for the occasion, my glamorous assistant by my side with names and citations on cards. All those here gathered in black tie. I take the microphone to begin.

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen: without further ado, I present to you the recipients of this year's Courageous Blogger Award:

Pixie, Stray, and Badger. My brutal paraphrasing could not do justice to their postings, you will have to visit the brave bloggers in person to discover more.

The Thoughtful Blogger award goes to:

Gary: For kindly offering to deal with one of my problems in the most practical of manners, for his daily production of considered masterpieces, and for gifting to the world, amongst others, the magnificent story of The Three Poos;
Anna MR: For being full of thoughts which spill out of her head and into her blog. And for being thoughtful.

If all you special people wander over to Writer's Review to collect your awards, I'd be most obliged. There is unfortunately no red carpet, or champagne. And I think you may also find you've in effect been tagged...


I should also like to salute Julie, who on Friday became Dr Julie, and despite my being present at her post-thesis-viva celebrations, has since informed me that she's a doctor in person, on the phone and on IM. Dr Julie, you are A DOCTOR.


Pixie said...

Just for once I don't know what to say, except thank you.I am somewhat overwhelmed, that I should be thought of in this way.

Gary said...

Aww gosh, there was no need, really, I'd like to start by thanking my parents, my family, my dog, the fish in my pond who have suffered for my blog this year, everyone who knows me, my agent, blogspot who host my site, easyspace who host my biography site, minigallery who host my art site, the person who invented the internet, my computer, my wonderful modem and the lovely people at NTL who connected it up, and of course, my two old friends for their telling contribution to "three big poos" without whom none of this would have been possible, oh yes, and the two old ladies in ye olde tea shoppe.

Is there a cash alternative ?

Rob said...

Yeah, but not a REAL doctor. If someone asks for a doctor on a plane will you actually stick your hand up?

But Why? said...

You? Lost for words?? I don't believe it...!

If I waited until there was a need, I'd never have bought my fairy wings, and now I don't know how I'd live without them. Just go with it... Oh, you have! Sorry, there is no feasible cash alternative, and these prizes have a monetary value of 0.001p, and I suspect that you and I will be long since departed before the miracle of compound interest makes the debt repayable.

I couldn't possibly answer for Dr Julie, but I rather suspect that on the plane I may have had a cheeky little glass of red and be unsuited to deal with any medical emergency. That and not knowing my sternum from my breastbone...


Anna MR said...

Oh my god, But. You have given me an award. Oh hell. And I have been in a bit of an odd way in the past week, so I haven't even been here to say thank you.

You must think I'm rude. I'm not, though, Butkins, I've behaved rudely but this is entirely unintentional. Shite and hell.

Um, thank you. This comes to you from a "thoughtful blogger". Oh god.

I'll be back with something a mite more coherent and, um, thoughtful, when I've gathered my, um, thoughts.


Anna MR said...

Right then, you Bad Doctor, I have slagged you off handsomely by way of saying thank you so that nobody notices how moved I was by this gesture of yours, over at mine. I shall also, from this moment onwards, allow myself the liberty of calling you by your newly-acquired Finnish-language title (a mark of special recognition I sometimes award bloggers with) - Tohtori Mutta Miksi?.

You are allowed, by the anarchic bloggyverse law, to also refer to yourself by this your new pseudoname. May you be very happy with it, too, Tri Miksi?.


Anna MR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna MR said...

(I stammered. How embarrassing. That's why my comment came out twice and I had to go and delete and oh dear. Time to go and hibernate again, methinks. x )

But Why? said...


Is it really true? Are you realy giving me my name??

Oh my gosh! A whole new name to respond to - this will take some getting used to.

Tri Miksi? xx