Sunday, 3 June 2007

An apology...

I should like to apologise sincerely to the person who asked Google for "information+pineapple-preparation", was poorly-directed here, and subsequently ended up getting lost in the depths of my inarticulate ramblings on last week's failure to undress a pineapple until I had found a suitably descriptive verb.

I am most awfully sorry. You probably had better things to be doing than trawling through my collected ramblings (though evidently they did not include the preparation of pineapple).

I now feel a rather heavy burden of responsibility not to add to the wealth of useless information to be trawled in future searches. It reminds me a piece of advice I was once given:

If you can't improve on the silence, keep your mouth shut.

I've always been terrible at taking advice...

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