Friday, 25 May 2007

Who is Eric R. Pianka?

It appears I, alongside numerous others, am now "it". Stray has tagged me, rather unfortunately as Dr But Why? (more later...) to put my comfortable existence to one side and find out my deepest darkest needs.

Conceptually simple, the idea is to stick "[your name] needs" into Google and find out what it is that you're really missing. I tried my name, but it turns out I'm just not that needy. On the other hand, Dr But Why? has a range of interesting and hitherto unknown and quite unsuspected needs. Read on...

Dr But Why? needs:

  • to know Eric R. Pianka;
  • more serious involvement from a higher level of experienced business person;
  • a sermon on the Mount;
  • trainers to help them with everything from civil military training to combat training;
  • to be done;
  • to be pursued;
  • to understand the requirements which you are supposed to implement and the architecture which you are going to build to.

Erk! "Needs to be done"? Is that in the same way that one gets a dog or a cat "done"? I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. "A sermon on the mount"? I've never been one for that religious stuff. "To be pursued", well, yes, that would be nice wouldn't it? Fresh flowers and boxes of chocolate are most welcome from all potential pursuers. "Requirements... and architecture..."? Sounds too much like work for me. And who is Eric R. Pianka?

Suppose I drop the formality and use my first name. I get the following results:

But needs:
  • to kick it up a notch;
  • new life;
  • work;
  • to shine in the crowded PPM market;
  • management talent;
  • polish;
  • fixing.

Sounds all very motivational poster, doesn't it? Management talent would be nice. Polish... as in the people or as in the liquid used to make things shiny? It's better than the bizarre needs of Dr But Why?...

Perhaps Why? would give better results?

Why? needs:
  • CityKicks and Why?;
  • constructive activities, physical exercise, and positive role models;
  • competition in the Polish power sector;
  • greenfood TCP/IP;
  • implicit instantion or an autotype keyword;
  • effective lobbyists in every state capitol, as well as Washington;
  • its own personality.

Why? needs its own personality? I think given the other needs that Why? has, my personality is highly likely to be unique.

Hrumph, it's started to rain. Looks like I shall stay "it" until we get to play outside again.

1 comment:

KindaBlue said...

Apparently I need to:

* Lead the way;
* Come back to the theatre ASAP;
* Lay off the steroids;
* Leave.

Charming. Is that a hint, one wonders?