Sunday, 22 April 2007

A window on surroundings

I took this picture of the vine at home early one morning, from a window in our spare lounge/office . I like it for the following reasons:
  1. Those are the beginnings of grapes, which are bursting out of every bud on the vines around my home, and which I'm looking forward to watching grow, and ultimately eating;
  2. Having got up early to finish off some work, seeing this felt like a small reward;
  3. I felt I was privileged, as by the time others got up, the water droplets would have evaporated;
  4. After spening three years studying water droplets, I have an unfathomable respect for their size, composition, refractive index, evaporative flux and internal convection;
  5. I could see a slightly different view of the two cars in the drive, apparently upside down, in every droplet.

As I was thinking about the many differently distorted images of the same two cars, presented to me through the lens created by each droplet, all of which I could appreciate from my vantage point external to the droplets, I wondered how many small misunderstandings would occur later that day between partners, friends, family or colleagues, each viewing incidents through the lens created by their experiences; and whether it was absurb to think that a particular view could ever be "correct".


Deepali said...

Nice pic.
Interesting take on the reflections in the droplets.
Never would have guess those were grapes. I always thought they hung (which would be true if this picture is upside down).

What I like about the pic are the colours and how the vine is in focus and the background is blurred.

But Why? said...

Yeah, you're right - grapes do hang upside-down when they get big and heavy. This picture was taken when they were really tiny, just bursting from the bud. For a sense of scale, each cluster is about the size of a thumbnail.