Sunday, 22 April 2007

Brought here on a banana?

Wandering back to a friend's house on Friday following a mightily fine celebration, we happened upon this little guy outside the pub, presumably crawling home.

On reflection, it's mildly terrifying that I got close enough to this chappie to take a picture. Does anyone know what he/she is, and whether that creamy abdomen is or isn't full of poison?


Rob said...

Aha! I dub thee Commuter Girl!Marvel's latest and most time-inefficient superhero!

Fear her train-delayed fury as she attempts to thwart the nefarious machinations of her evil arch-nemesis 'The Ticket Collector' in her knee-high, high-heeld boots, patriotic leotard and cape.

rob said...

I am thinking it takes some kind of rare genius to post a comment in the wrong blog thread.

But Why? said...


Rare genius, indeed. If only the world understood...

But x