Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Post-erg brain mush

I am useless after long ergs.

Well, useless at anything which might be considered useful. I'm relatively stretchy after a long session on the machine, and able to drink impressive volumes of fluid, but also unable to walk straight, formulate a coherent argument, or finish a train of thought.

Despite this (or perhaps because of it) I am usually extremely content following long ergs. Content, de-stressed, at peace with myself, and without inclination to do anything. Even the need to eat seems a monsterous imposition on my otherwise wantless state.

I erged earlier.

I could quite happily live in the post-erg state. It's so very, very untroubled, though I did trouble myself to eat. I'm good at making myself eat even though I may not want to.

I am useless after ergs.

I can't formulate coherent anythings.

I don't mind.

It is not important to formulate coherent things. Not now.

I am content.


Kahless said...

And contentment is priceless!

To many more happy erging for you!

But Why? said...

Thankyou. It was wonderful.

If only I could go back to post-erg-feeling for the rest of the day instead of the too-tired-to-go-to-work feeling I have in its stead.

I acquired too much work yesterday. I don't know when I'm going to do it all. I'm going to hide under the duvet for at least another five minutes whilst I try not to think sbout it.

Rob Clack said...

Presumably not unconnected with the endorphins. Sounds a nice state to be in.

But Why? said...

Ah, it's fab.

Post-exercise contentment is wonderful stuff. I heartily recommend it.

DJ Kirkby said...

'I'm good at making myself eat even though I may not want to.' ahem...me too! Hence the size of my thighs...

trousers said...

Now there's synchronicity - I've just done a 2 hour cycling session, and you've just described my own current state of being precisely, if not exactly.

Thanks - because in my current post-cycling state, you've saved me the bother of trying to find the words to describe it.

Now I might go for a couple of pints in a bit - if I can be bothered to walk to the pub - because I know that that will be all it takes to increase this state of aimless contentment.

weenie said...

Yep, post-exercise contentment is deffo the business! Probably the only time when I feel invincible and 10 years younger!

Bollinger Byrd said...

endorpins.... good things to make friends with!

Ms Melancholy said...

I may have to take a leaf out of your book, But Why. I fear I myself am suffering from post-crap-tv-brain-mush, which is an entirely different proposition altogether. We have, however, joined a gym and I'm planning to get Daily Straying doing Daily Swimming. Badger, meanwhile, is grappling with the rowing machine so your influence lives on.

But Why? said...

Well, eating is important... Having said that, I could do with some food now - it's gone 11pm, I've just got back from spending the weekend away at a regatta, and other than breakfast, haven't managed to eat anything today that would be recognised as a meal. Cereal bars, carbo drink and the odd bit of fruit here and there, yes. Meals? No. Not unless your idea of three course meal is a carb drink, a cereal bar and a satsuma.

I've raced hard in hard races this weekend, after a too long working week wit too little sleep. I am knackered, and hungry. I have another long week at work to look forward to. And I have bad, bad tan lines from the lycra. I'm too tired to find the inclination to do something about my need to eat. Yet, despite coming away empty-handed, it's been a good weekend.

Post-exercise beers are sublime... Sadly, by the time we'd finished racing for the weekend, it was time to de-rig and drive home, so there were no end-of-regatta beers for me.

Ah, another sporting blogger! What's your exercise of choice?

I've never entirely made peace with the concept of endorphins. As I see it, they're entirely unnecessary to explain the post-exercise 'high': exercise hurts, so stopping exercising feels good. I suspect a large part of the high is relief that the pain is dissipating.

Ms M,
What? Am I hearing you right? Excellent news. Is this in prep for the trek? All very commendable, and I'm surprized to learn that such facilities exist within commuting distance from midget central. Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding - is Stray going swimming in the local stream?

But really, you must be very nice to little Bagder when she comes back from erg workouts. They do cause a lot of pain. I find a double serving of pasta and not having to do anything for the rest of the day are amongst the surest ways of promoting recovery.