Thursday, 8 May 2008

A win, a tag, a discovery, and a loss - no rowing required

Firstly, the win:

Ta-daaa! I won DJ's caption competition (a couple of weeks ago, admittedly, but it's good to keep wins in the bag to counter any losses). I was actually trying to apologise for not being able to supply a caption, but somehow my apology won. Aspie humour remains a mystery to me...

The tag: Titration tagged me with the "Pick up the nearest book, open to page 123, find the fifth sentence, post the next three sentences, tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you" meme.

So here it is:

There are about 500 statues and tombs scattered here in groups across both sides of the Rio Magdalana Gorge, sporting images of mythical and real creatures, gods and men, serving as guards to the ancient tombs and burial chambers, protecting offerings of gold and pottery to the gods. Some of the statues feature jaguar mouths and fierce expressions, others resemble birds of prey, snakes, or other animals such as monkeys, frogs or eagles. The jaguar figure is thought to be associated with a religious leader or shaman, who could transform himself into a jaguar to keep balance in the world.

Yup, it was a travel book. It has nice pictures, too. Unfortunately, I can't run fast enough to tag anyone, so I'll just have to assume I'm 'it' ad infinitum. It's good to have found my role in life...

The discovery of the week was happening across a local Somali restaurant serving extremely tasty food in relaxed surroundings with friendly service. We'd intended to go to the Polish restaunt down the road, for which I've seen good reviews, but as it was closed for a few days we had to follow our stomachs to find an alternative. We did well. As an added feature, the restaurant is dry, thus preventing me from drinking the customary half a bottle of wine with dinner which leaves me unable to sleep and dehydrated. Not here. I had mango juice with dinner, and very refreshing it was, too.

Finally, the loss. It's the zip on my purse. It's lost the zip tag bit. I am heartily annoyed by this, as this purse serves all the functions I want a purse to serve (unlikely to spew my cash or cards over an unwelcoming pavement, and fits into pockets in bags/jeans/jackets/etc. And it doesn't look twee.) And now it's rather awkward to open and close the coin section. Hrumph. A botch job with duct tape and/or a paper clip beckons.

Oooh, nearly forgot - extra bonus discovery of the week: everything one could ever want to know about zip(per)s.


Random Reflections said...

I lost the tag thing off my purse too a while ago. A friend fixed it for me by managing to fit the zipper tag bit from something else. So if you have any spare items which you could remove one from then that might be the solution...

I can't now remember what mine came from, but it has worked very well.

Prof. Northener said...

I guess you've already heard of Duct Tape Wallets?

Andrew F said...

Was indeed yummy.

But Why? said...

Unfortunately I'm using all my zip tab things... I guess I could buy a new zip and use only the tab, but that seems incredibly wasteful... Less wasteful than getting a new purse, though. Would you believe that this is actually the number one problem in my life at the moment??

Prof Northerner,
Nope, they were new to me. I somehow can't see myself offering to buy a round for my colleagues at the end of the week by producing a wadge of duct tape...

Too right. I'll be going there again. You can come along too, if you like ;)

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol! That caption even made Chopper laugh and he got 'diagnosed' as 'perfectly normal' at the same time as I got my Aspie diagnosis so you are so funny wether you want to admit it or not! In fact you won this week's WW too...wanna try for a hat trick next week?

Kahless said...

Congrats on winning WW.

It always seems to me that whenever I need a new wallet (I dont do girly purses) it is a nightmare to find just the right one.

So happy hunting. They are so important to ones functioning!

But Why? said...

Again? My word! I say! Thankyou! I shall have to de-clutter the mantlepiece in preparation for the new trophy(!) I hope laughing doesn't cause Chopper any pain - if it does I shall have to boycot WW until he's fixed. (But of course I'll drop by on Wednesday and submit a caption.)

I think I'll be doing a repair job - I remember being extremely pleased to have found the current one - I don't think I could cope with having to go through a similarly lengthy hunt all over again!